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Duvall Consulting Group


Duvall Consulting Group (DCG) provides unique, specialized consulting and evaluation services to university and K-12 school districts. Taking an in-depth approach, DCG reviews the operational and financial effectiveness of those areas that represent valuable assets and have a critical impact to the financial position of your discretionary budget, yet rarely receive the attention they warrant.

Budgets at school districts and universities are tighter than ever. With increasing costs and across-the-board spending cuts, every dollar matters. Duvall Consulting Group provides short- and long-term consulting as well as support on outsourcing decisions your institution may wish to explore. Our in-depth analysis—whether for controlling textbook inventory, improving university bookstore operations, or planning food production systems and procedures—helps you maximize each dollar’s spending power. Duvall analyzes and reviews how you currently compare to industry benchmarks, and provides proposals and strategic plans for what you need to do to improve overall financial and operational effectiveness.

With each evaluation, the Duvall Group will provide you with a customized report that contains recommendations for:

• Inventory management
• Cost control
• Improving financial position
• Analyzing return on investment
• Space utilization planning
• Training and professional development
• Enhancement of institutional controls
• Marketing and merchandising
• Customer service delivery improvement

To ensure maximum success, DCG goes one step further and provides implementation support for your plan. Working side by side with administrators and managers, DCG’s long-term consulting offers:

• Strategies for personnel management
• Periodic on-site professional support
• Staff training and support
• Technical support

Duvall Consulting Group collaborates with you so that your long-term strategic plan matches operational objectives to the mission and goals of your institution or district.